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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hot dogs and Hubblies

I am not big on hot dogs at all these days but last night I made a pot full of 'willies' and sour kraut for supper.

Brandon was wearing a very appropriate t-shirt
The kitchen in the Vallance home was suddenly filled with energetic young people. Poor Dorelle, (Letitias mom in law) I think was a bit overwhelmed...but what an awesome lady!!!

Brandon, Dean, Armando, Ian, Vanessa, Muffie, waiting for supper. Wonderful young people

They eventually found a spot in the garden with the biggest Hubbly that Ive ever seen!
When I was pregnant with my son, I had a maid who was convinced that, due to the amount of Vienna's I was consuming, I was going to have a boy. Well I'm not sure what her predictions were based on....other than the shape of the food.....but we did have a boy.
I now don't often eat Vienna's as my daughter once found a little yellow chick feather (I used to breed bantams) in her chicken Vienna...which sent me into a state of terminal vomits!!
I had a friendly challenge with a friend, as to who's butcher makes the best Vienna's, and as I always vigorously rise to a challenge, we had a bet.
Last night we had a Vienna competition.
As we were preparing to eat, my daughter arrived with around eight of their friends, so what started off as a quiet little challenged, turned into a big noisy hot dog fest!
I lost the bet but gained the company of a wonderful bunch of young people who, as in the past, filled our home with raucous laughter, jokes, the smell of hubbly ..ok....also broken glasses, stained tables and sticky floors too....but I so love them all and I so love the energy that they exude.
My daughters x boyfriend, a model, is flying off to Italy for a year and came to say goodbye..hugs accompanied with tears, and I was left wondering how the simple acts of acceptance, love and friendship can unconsciously have such a huge impact on anothers life. How important it is to love and share, not only your home and family and blessings, but your heart, with another human soul.

Washing up the next morning.....carnage!!!!

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