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Friday, January 7, 2011

Galaries and inspiration

A HUGE sculpture by Angus Taylor...UN..BE...LIEVABLE!
A well known piece by Penny Siopis. I loved this~~~

These two were taken at the Origins museum and JAG..the Origins of the San
and an exhibition of Hugh Tracy's work and travels

Noreen and I decided to do a few galaries today and we 'gallaried' all over the place. I've come back inspired and rearing to go...try something fact to extend on what I've been doing for the last month.

I find it really difficult to scratch and look inside but I've decided that this is the year that I do exactly that. My soul sister is comming home and she's the one person who I trust enough to embark on this journey with ...a true, deep and real human being who has braved the murky waters of soul-searches.

We went with a friend of hers, a feisty, very energetic, 70 something year old member of the acheology society, (my other love...archeology/anthropology) we went to 'Origins' at Wits for an exhibit of Hugh Tracey, pioneer in discovery and appreciation of African rythm, and music...who traversed the African continent in a cultural search,who shook the hand of a black man which was not done in the 1950's. Then it was on to JAG, a somewhat unkept galary with awesome art (people are too afraid to travel into 'town' to see the exhibitions, which is such a is in quite a dodgy area), then the Everard Reed galary...was awesome....classy, fantastic (pricey...OVERPRICED) art, then to see the sculptures of William Boshoff and Angus Taylor at the SPEKE galary then to the Circa Galary where we saw the most phenomenal sculptures in rock and bronze and best of sawn wood...a huge figure of a man, done by Angus Taylor, which absolutley drew my breath away, and humbled me at this phenomenal piece of art. Around 7 hours worth of galaries today...another bad day in Africa

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