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Monday, January 17, 2011

A new little table

This is the little table I got from Dave. It folds down and I think is really well made by his dad. Can't imagine this on a rubbish dumb! I now have an extra surface to work on:o)

My daughters boyfriend asked me if I would like a draughtsman's table which his dad made a few years ago, which he wanted to turf. It was wonkey and watermarked and really sad-looking, but I said yes.

I spent the day yesterday restoring it: filling holes with wooden toothpicks and 'Ponel' glue, knocking in nails and tightening screws and finally, lightly sanding it and putting on a mahogany wood preserve.

Why??? Because I feel that when someone makes something, they put an energy of 'self' into it....and that 'self ' is often motivated by something positive and good and often, its made in love. Placing things around you, meaningful things, which produce positive energies, create a positive environment and things made in love serve as a constant reminder of that love.

When I was young my dear and precious mom made so many clothes for us, knitted so many jerseys but when you're that age, there's not much you see other than something without a cool shop are not seeing the deeper meaning of anything. Now, whatever I have of my moms, made by her loving hands, is so precious to me.
I told Dave that this table will one day go to his great grand-children. And so it should.

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