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Friday, January 21, 2011

Poor little Lady

Lady has been following me arround for two days since her op. She has an incredibly high pain threashold in that despite looking like she's just come off the set of 'Saw', she bounced up and down in excitement when she got home.

Awww, poor little Lady!!!
Our little foxy has been walking around with a small cyst for ages. It recently got bigger but was actually again, getting smaller when I took her and her brother Tramp, to the vet the day before yesterday. Tramp's news is not so great. His condition is terminal..he's had Squamous cell carcinomas for a few years now but the condition is just getting worse and he will soon be meeting the other Vallance pet family.
Vets!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hmmmm. I wonder how many vets charge R80 just to SHAVE a little short-haired dog for an op?? (my son has a thick head of hair which takes around 4o minutes to wash and style and they charge him R65!)
The well-built no-neck that stood leaning against a counter while I shlepped my two little dogs in, and who obviously hates his job, hardly touched them....., not even making an attempt to help me restrain them or even get them onto the table for that matter. He never even got close to doing any type of examination on them, and then went on to charge me almost three hundred rand per dog for the privilege of his arrogant company (that's the sum total of I recieved).!!
Hell I get sooo agitated by peoples blatant misuse and abuse of power..the almost fraudulent way in which they conduct their business and themselves.
The initial quote was for R1273.........when I went to fetch was a whopping R3280. I categorically refused to pay that amount...the 'nurse' even arguing that it was not the 'normal' op for a cyst. I wasn't going to budge...and I'm even ashamed to say that I told them that they had just adopted a little foxy!!! Besides the fact that she looked as if she was wearing an interchangeable coat with a darn zipper..she was obviously very dehydrated and in pain.
So does a bill, inexplicably go from R3280 to R2000.......without an explanation.?
Who has been ripped off by this unscrupulous, unprofessional, @#$^$#%$#%$#?
What recourse is there to stop people from behaving this way...not only vets, but alllll 'professionals'?...especially if a government endorses this dodgy behavior with its own equally dodgy behavior?
I will not be taking her back to that evil, kak-handed butcher. I will be removing her drains myself as well as her sutures...and silently hope that he gets vomited on by a large Boer-bull, slips in the piddle of a Chitsu and falls face-first into the 1kg pancake of a Great Dane with Amoebic dysentery.

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