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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Spirits of theSea

A few days ago, again, while in a sleep state, I saw what I wanted to do with a canvas which I started in Groot Marico on an art retreat. I didn't like it much and I've since been fiddling but still didn't like it much.
The picture that I saw was different to the one I envisioned when looking at it today and I just went with what I saw....but hells teeth!!!!....I was not in my comfort zone.
Noreen said that she's never seen me so 'busy' while doing a painting. I have an office chair with wheels (I pinched it from my husbands office) which I was shooting back and forth in and around in circles all over my studio even before I'd even started!
But yes, this was the result...a story and not a picture. My own!!
I adore the sea and have always wondered at its unseen life. Well today I painted what I think I have always felt...Spirits of the sea...and possibly an extention of myself as being with those spirits. Not a great painting, but as with the last one, I'm just happy with it as it is.
I cannot post the last painting that I did onto my blog as it is due to be thrown into a book over yonder land, but the almost carelessness in which I've compleated both, is uncaracteristic ...and I have never been more excited!

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