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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pumpkin anyone???

This morning, almost the first without rain in a while, I went for a stroll around our vegetable garden to do a pumkin count and generally just to see what all this rain has done.

Oh my word!!!!.....My pumpkin plants are huge!!!

I counted 28 pumpkins, just about ripe enough for picking and umpteen little ones as well as loads of big beautifull yellow blossoms.

I have tried for 13 years to grow a good crop of pumpkin, and this year, finally, we have a bumper crop.

Hmmm...pumpkin pie, pumpkin fritters, baked pumpkin, ............and thats the sum total of what I know. Of course, everyone is going to get a pumpkin too!! I will have to google a few recepes.

As for the rest, loads of Rocket, onions, sweet potato, a few mielies, tomatoes, onions, beans etc...all looking good. Thank you Lord for the rains and this good harvest.

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