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Monday, October 10, 2011

Back on the Cat

On our last day, we decided to get back on See The Best to try and catch a glimpse of those illusive dolphins. A few days before, they had spotted Orca, so not having seen anything on the previous trip, was a bit disappointing. My nephew, the top spotter, was off to Portugal with his girlfriend.
As is policy, if a tourist does not see any sea-life while on the 3 hour trip, they get a voucher for another at their leisure.

Well we DID see loads of dolphin I did get in a few shots but decided not to post any...guessing that nobody would be interested in seeing a black blurry speckle in kms of water. Nor had the pleasure of sharing close personal space with a budgie smuggler on the trampoline :o) I've learned during our travels, that European males (and females too for that matter) have no qualms about showing off their goodies...I recon that would change if our local Zulu brethren followed the trend.

We didn't swim this time around as it was a bit chilly. Besides, we were just really enjoying a little travel without having to use our feet. The quiet time was just what we needed after a very busy and full trip, .....the free entertainment wasn't bad either!

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