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Friday, October 14, 2011

Look-in to sea

This was the sweetest couple! I can't even say that they were like young lovers because I've seen some young 'lovers' who are nowhere near as attentive and respectful of each other. Holding hands, laughing together. A blessed sight.
This is a view of the Sea The Best, spacious, comfortable with refreshments and two downstairs toilets.

Although we didn't spot any sea life, the time on the boat was just special. lots of laughs, relaxing and just enjoying 'being'. There were around 70 odd people on the boat, but everyone just seemed to have quiet spirits that day.

The view from the boat, with Funchal in the background and The Sea Pleasure in the foreground. We set off in slightly overcast weather but it got progressively hotter as the day drew on. Looking up at the 'green' area...the 'valley' above the City..a few months ago masses of water came cascading down into the city creating absolute havoc. Lives were lost, millions of rands worth of damage was done as a never-before-seen wall of water and mud flooded homes, streets and shops. Things have changed somewhat as a result, but the great lesson here for me is that no matter how comfortable you are or how sound your life appears..God is in control, good and bad.

Nor grabbed the chance at a cat-nap....we all did eventually. The sea was calm, it was quiet in that there were no rowdy passengers. I think everyone who got on the cat that day, were zoning did the dolphins.....

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