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Sunday, October 2, 2011


A frame for my last last.. done in copper. I gave this to Dave and Andrea, my daughter for their engagement. They love it.

I called this one "Spirit"...its filled with my many moods and helped me through them.

Finally, I've started sorting out my art that's been floating around, unfinished.

I have , at long last, put the final brush-strokes to my 'mental health' picture. Its a multi-media piece done with copper, newspaper, gel medium, acrylic and oils. I'd slap on something different each time I needed a break from the fine stuff. I had a fantastic and inspired trip but when I came home to some open-ended personal issues, I decided that, being such an emotional twit and prone to getting sucked in, I need to remain focused and positive and steer away from negativity.

One way to do that was to tie up 'loose ends' where I could and simply move on. There's some tings in life we cannot change, but we can learn from them.

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