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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Realism is alive and well

These two pictures were taken from outside the gallery: The landscape done by Christian Marsh, called "A moment shared" on sale for 12000 pounds.

This is a nude called "Balance" done by Juan Cossio on sale for 15000 pounds...

We decided to take a walk on our last night in London. We passed one or two very interesting galleries, one which was having its opening for an exhibition, another filled with strange pieces, including a large 'kitch' silver-plated elephant. There were stores displaying art-nuveaux style furniture, antiques...all rather up-market, good quality stuff for a discerning buyer......and then we saw the PLUS ONE GALLERY.

Nor is not a fine artist. Her style is very unique, colourful, filled with movement..she often does and has successfully exhibited her instillation art, so, for her to be astounded at the quality of work we saw, was really something!! According to her, this work is classified as 'Super-realism'.
I have NEVER seen such superb work in my life!! I am really a surrealist...enjoying the challenge of creating realism but also enjoying adding my own storey to it too. I never realised what type of art I did until now...until this trip and I finally UNDERSTOOD what I have been doing since starting to paint. Discovering this gallery (take a look!!! was a blessing!!

Paintings like Kike Meana's 'The Thames', going for 9000 pounds;
Paul Day's 'Mini Scramble' which is a small copy of his brand new Bronze sculpture found along the Thames commemorating the London Blitz;
Then there's Simon Hennessey's "I (heart) Realism done in acrylic and ink of the eye of a woman (WOW, WOW, WOW), going for 14000pounds;
Juan Cossio's 'The Ladder', done with oil on board, is so incredibly life-like, you can feel the grain of the wood and have to stand with your nose almost on the picture to see and understand its perfection!!;
Paul Cadder's 'New York', pencil on paper, going for 3500 pounds;
Omar Ortiz's 'Sisters', which is an oil on linen, going for favorite as although it is brilliantly life-like, I still love the visible brush-strokes.
Philip Harris, Luis Perez, Otto Duecker, Carl Loubin..unbelievable works.

Understandably, I couldn't take photos except for the two here which were on display at the window, but the artwork we saw that night was absolutely breathtaking and I'm happy to say that there will always be a place for realism in this world. Its timeless and completely representative of the beauty to be found in its real state during our time.

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