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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Some Sea Scenes

I don't think I could replicate this color, but was thinking about using this as a background to one of my paintings. Taken from the boat, just off the island.

We lay on the trampoline on our second trip out and I loved the patterns. Again, I would love to use this in a painting.

This was taken while lying on my back. A disappointing sky when one looks at the color of the ocean below, but, I liked all the shapes and tried to figure out how many triangles I saw in this picture

Taken while lying on a lounger at Porto Santo. This has got to be one of the best beaches in the world...I think between 9 and 11 straight kms of soft, white sand, warm water and gentle waves.

This is the color of the water off Madeira....I blue that I've never seen before. The ocean around Madeira is very deep and on clear Summer days, the water is like glass. On the 26th December 2004, Rob, myself and the children were swimming...jumping off one of the piers near Funchal harbor, when we saw a long ripple, about half a meter high, from north to south, as long as the eye could see, coming in-land. We were only to find out a few hours later, that it was caused by the Thailand tsunami,

I loved the reflection of the clouds on the water. This was taken while waiting to climb on board the cat at the marina.

I thought this was an interesting perspective..."seeing life from behind bars". Also taken in Porto Santo.

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