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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Goodbye for now

On our last night in Madeira, we drove, what seemed like, forever, to get the best espetada in Madeira. It was! We gorged on our first taste of ungrounded beef in two weeks, fried semolina squares, chips and salad. Letitia, Carlos and family joined us. I sat looking at my beautiful sister, just watching her, trying to imprint her face and actions in my mind, so that when I'm back home, I will be able to see her clearly. Oh, how I will miss her. Gabriella, lay on my lap and held my hand tightly on the drive back home...sweet, soft-hearted girl, I will miss her so too.

Nor and I packed when we arrived home and I was uncommonly relaxed, unlike when leaving home..not bothering to check if my passport and docs were in the place I'd left them....(which fortunately for me, they were). As usual, we chatted and laughed, and took our last deep breaths of fresh night-time Madeira air and lay in bed, listening to the sounds of the odd dog barking, or demented speedster racing down the narrow road, young people chatting away as they walked up from the restaurants and nightclubs...this could be home and perhaps, in a way it is. A part of my heart will always be here.

The next morning, we were up early enough to see my niece and nephew at the breakfast table and give them hugs and kisses goodbye before they left for school.

And so ended a wonderful stay in Madeira. Spending time with my sister and the family was such a blessing. To be able to share my family with a good friend, even better. Noreen fitted in as if she was always part of it and strong bonds were formed, which I know will endure forever. In a way, her having met Colleen and having shared this time with me as a friend, makes me feel that I've gained another sister. I know Colleen has!!

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