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Friday, October 28, 2011

Scenes of Maderia

This is a picture I took of a little window off a lavada in Funchal. I want to paint this one!!!! There were so many quaint little places to see...the best and only way to see the country is on two feet!

This is one of the many villages that are scattered around Madeira. Houses are built on seemingly ridiculous slopes, the colours are uniform...white walls and red roofs, which makes Madeira...a small island (46x16km) look less cluttered.

A view traveling up towards our hike in Pico do Areeiro. The views were breathtaking! There's contrasts wherever one goes....old and new; extremely high mountains and sudden deep valleys; lush, dense forests and stark, almost arid land; densely populated villages surrounded by terraced farm-lands, the tiny, squat figures of dark-hired, modestly dressed (mostly older) populace and the taller, blond, slim and driven modern Madeirans.

This is my nephew's favorite place to swim in Madeira, Porto Moniz. Rock pools and life-guards that peered over our shoulders as we drew. Not the best weather, but we had a great swim and a wonderful day with two wonderful young people

This is the view that greeted us, driving into Cahleta...Madeira has little villages which all hold their own Fiestas throughout the year. the railings surround a large water-way that comes down from the top of the mountain. All the accumulated water runs down here from the lavada's. During the floods in Funchal, these were so full that water was gushing over the railings...a frightening thought as these are very deep.

This is the view from the balcony outside our bedroom window of my sisters house....Funchal harbour. Wonderful memories!! Noreen, Col and I spent a few nights giggling over glasses of port while watching the sun set. One of the best Christmasses we've ever had, was in place in the world where the essence of Christs' birth is felt, and celebrated. This entire harbour/waterfront area is lit up, Christmas carols are heard, day and night, nativity scenes are in every window, traditional music performed and piped through loud-speakers in the streets, the entire city is lit up..every tree, pole, statue, home and shop glitters with lights, festivals are celebrated, ocean liners fill the harbour, while others wait out at sea. New years eve is an awesome experience, with the best, biggest, longest and most spectacular fire-works display one is ever likely to see ( hell, I sound like a travel agent! :o) )

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