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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Door painting in Madeira


As part of Madeira's face-lift, the government has asked local and visiting artists to paint on doors.

These are some of the artists that have already participated in the project. Basically, the artist has to approach and get permission from the owner to paint on their front door.

Some really interesting pieces were produced and the project appears to be working. People locals and tourists now often walk these streets to view the paintings...a great idea for SA???

Even business and government buildings are involving themselves in this project, not only residences. These door jams are found right off narrow streets, and because of the increased pedestrian traffic, there have been some roads closed for vehicles, which has had a very good run off. Less danger of being flattened by a bus, cleaner streets, and people just enjoying being part of their communities.
In some cases the door itself creates the picture, i,e, like in this paneled door...each panel became a picture

The varied art pieces were really amazing, This is a painting on a door of the Madeiran traditional dress.
This was my favorite. An entire door way (obviously unused) was used to create this sculpture. Wanting to get into sculpture in the next few months, this fascinated me

My second appropriate painting done on the door of a book store.
If Noreen and I had a little more time on our hands, we would have loved to participate in this project. Unfortunately, we only had a few days and there were many things to do
An interesting piece...nomatter how bad the door, a painting was done. In this one, the bottom part of the left pannel had been badly damaged, but the artist used it in his picture successfully anyway
We really loved this whole idea and feel sure that areas of SA could benefit from a project like this ...creating an opportunity for all artists, to express and display their talents at little cost to are beautified, and areas are improved at little cost to the owners or government...everyone seems to win

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