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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lets eat

Our suppers in London were pretty much like this...chicken, couscous and salad.

We bought most of our meals at Tesco's and were surprised that the food prices were very comparable to SA prices. We normally had a good breakfast, then a quick something during the day on the hop (that's a storey for later :o) ) then come night time, we'd go off to the local supermarket and get ourselves our usually cost us the equivalent of R100 for both of us!
On our second night, we decided to get the mixed vegetable 'salad'...which turned out to be a microwave vegie dish.... after I got monumental blob of butter in my mouth....Noreen nearly choked on her raw pees she laughed so much. I wasn't amused but crunched through and so did she.
On our final night, we couldn't find the single glasses of wine for our meal that can occasionally be found (a really good idea!), but found these Bicardi's were a rather good replacement.
They had given us the family suite which was awesome.....and just as well, I had an athma attack (I'd purposly left my pump with my little athmatic nephew in Madeira the day before ) so didn't sleep too well for the first few hours. Nor snuck in at 2am to see if I was still breathing!! :o)
We had mostly had twin beds in a small room and had to share a bed one night at Miriam's flat...the kind lady who is now my 'agent' in London, but we usually chatted about the days events and giggled till exhaustion took over. The night we arrived, Nor fell asleep while I was in mid sentance...I was incredulous and she woke up laughing and we spent another hour doing just that!
We took Miriam and her daughter to supper as a thank-you, where we splashed out on dishes of lamb which was yum.
So, in conclusion, SA is NOT that cheep....or rather London is affordable... if you are prepared to rough it a little without glass and steel.

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