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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Madeira gallery of Sacred Art

After our Cesto (basket) ride down the hill, we had a quick 3km walk down the rest of the hill to the Gallery of Sacred art.
we were not allowed to take flash photography so the quality of these pics are really sub-standard, but I will be getting a few more from Nor which I will upload.

I have been here before and it's this very place which so inspired me to do art restorations. Apparently, other than been one of the most thankless and unrecognized art forms, it can be very lucrative, especially if you land yourself a good contract with a gallery or museum. Understandably, I think its one of the most stress-inducing art forms.

A lot of the art has since been 'restored' and some are simply not there anymore. There are so many ancient wood-carved statues that were BADLY effected by wood borers/worms that they would probably just fall apart if you were to touch them. Some of the paintings are incomplete, like these ones here.

take a look at the bottom of left side panel. Here you can clearly see the unfinished portion. This is very interesting and exciting for me as a fine-artist. There's much to learn from the artists technique. One is tempted to rush in and get it completed, but the art value would then somehow be lost.

This is a better picture of an incomplete panel. I do a lot of drapery in my paintings and I will be using this to understand what techniques are used

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