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Monday, October 24, 2011

Maderia of old

This is a typical Madeira bedroom scene.......uuummmm.... maybe not

A loom, that is still used today. Simply made and each movement has a heavy 'clunk' sound, but it fascinates me how beautifully it works. There's something ...smells, sounds, and the understanding needed to use this..... old that no amount of new could improve on.....I was born in the wrong era!!

This was taken inside a traditional Santana A-framed wood and grass house. the contraption in the middle is the 'lady hammock' which was used to transport the fairer sex up and down the numerous mountains

An old (and occasionally still used) Maderian kitchen. The kitchens were built off the main dwelling. The smells comming from here were aaaaaawwwwsome, freshly made 'bolle do cako' which is the traditional open fire bread made with potato

This is what houses looked like only a few years back...made with local rock and grass

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