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Friday, October 14, 2011


Noreen and sisters, setting sail.

The best part of this whole trip was having Col join us. She's taken off some precious time to do as much as she possibly could with us while we were there. The time WAS precious!!!!!!

When my sister is not run off her feet being a wonderful mother, wife, cook, housekeeper, taxi, book-keeper, etc, she works in that little booth across the marina (in the center of the picture) . On the opposite side (from where this photo was taken) is their main office, where the admin stuff is managed by Luigi and sister and her husband have been working together for the past 25 plus years, and boy!!!...they have worked very hard! Being completely unbiased of course, their trips have a very personal touch to it as it is run by the family...and the passengers feel it. Professional, relaxed and mostly always fully booked, they without doubt are the better option if you want to spot sea life

We were very excited about being able to get on the SEA THE BEST, which is a 90 berth catamaran which takes tourists, mostly passengers from the cruise ships, up alongside the island, sometimes 19 kms out to sea. Its a 3 hour trip, focusing on spotting dolphin, wales, turtles, rays etc. This is the bigger of two catamarans, the other being their first catamaran, a 75 berth, called SEA PLEASURE.

Waiting under a notice board is always a good thing!

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